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Blades of Grass


We are very committed in making StixCamp 2019 a sustainable meeting, while encouraging environmental and social awareness:

As such:

- There will not be conference bags or notebooks.

Throughout the meeting, we will provide draft paper and 3D printed notebook rings (made from biodegradable wire), in case you want to create your own notebook.

- There will not be plastic cups at StixCamp 2019.

As an alternative, each participant will be provided with a metal mug (there is a cash deposit of 2.5 €) that will be used throughout the meeting.

We also encourage each participant to bring their own reusable bottles and cups.

- The water served at StixCamp 2019 will be from the public water supply network, which was awarded again this year with “Exemplary Quality for Human Consumption”, and will be served in glass bottles.

- If you’re flying by plane and if you would like to reduce the impact on the environment through carbon offset, please visit this website, where the offsetting costs will be used in renewable energy projects:

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